Shine Light 200hr Teacher Training Academy


Are you ready to make a change? Are you craving more insight and training that will empower you as well as light up your world and those around you?

Take your practice to the next level and build your foundations as a yoga teacher with the Shine 200-hr Teacher Training Academy.

Become your most authentic, knowledgeable and most magical self and shine!

This 200-hr teacher training is designed to provide you with the knowledge, technical understanding and confidence to begin teaching yoga. The training offers an intelligent, systematic approach to vinyasa based yoga that will advance your practice and fill-in many of the gaps that regular drop-in classes create.   

This program consists of 4 extended weekends between July and October 2018.

Schedule & Location

The program will be held at the Shine Om Yoga Studio.

Each day of the training is from 8:30am to 5:30pm**


·   26th - 29th July

·   23rd – 26th August

·   27th - 30th September

·   25th – 28th October

** Slight alteration of start / finish times may apply. Daily duration will remain consistent to cover content.

Available Packages

-   Early Bird Tuition, £1250 (Paid before 25th June 2018)

-   Standard Tuition, £1500 (Paid before 25th October 2018)

-   Repayment plans available with a deposit of £500 to secure your place.


There are no refunds. All sales are final.


This program is available for students that have been consistent yoga practitioners for at least 18-months. 

Training Day Structure

Each morning is dedicated to your practice.

We begin with meditation, intention and goal setting for the day, followed by a themed vinyasa practice. You’ll simultaneously deepen your practice by working on alignments of foundational postures to that of the more advanced poses, their modifications, adjustments and assists, working closely with your peers. You will learn to work with your own body as well as gaining greater understanding of varied body types and groups, to gain a more skilful, effective manner in delivering a class or working with your own body and that of others. 

Each afternoon is dedicated to the study, text and theory.

We will dive deep into every aspect of teaching, from learning greater depth in anatomy, injury prevention, and intelligent sequencing for each region of the body, to using purposeful, verbal communication which is meaningful, authentic and precise.

You will also generate sequences and teach segments of classes to receive feedback and guidance.

Reading and Homework Assignments

After each weekend the student will need to gather and enhance the training received with further homework assignments and reading allocated, which will need to be completed and submitted prior to commencing the subsequent weekend module.

Community Service

Each person will need to perform 10 hours of community service.

This can be done teaching a Shine Om Yoga class, seva, and more. The instructors will help you with this.

Each Teacher Trainer is required to observe and log notes, for 10 classes with a local yoga teacher, on a class observation sheet. This sheet must be signed off by the Yoga teacher and submitted on completion of the program.

Why the Shine Light Teacher Academy?

With countless options in today’s training environment, Janet’s experience working with world class instructors including Kino McGregor & Tim Fieldman, Lara Bauman, Kathryn Budig, Matt Ryan, Sarah Ramsden, Alexandria Crow and Amy Ippoliti, along with over 10 years teaching experience and advanced practice, means that she can now pass on this knowledge, which is the natural evolution of the Shine Om Ethos.

Janet offers a high standard of instruction, with a rational approach to yoga, that has a balance of organic, fluid and intuitive flow from her dance background and roots. With her recent study on yoga for athletes, she also offers a more anatomical approach with functional based movement and a biomechanical focus. Her Teacher Training course offers the perfect grounding to provide teachers with the tools they need to create classes that are colourful, engaging and technically sound in both purpose and outcome.

If you are uncertain as to which method of yoga to study, Janet can help steer you in the right direction with her knowledge and background in the practices and study of Ashtanga, Sivananda, Ayurveda, Hatha and Vinyasa.

You Will Learn

In the asana practice you will learn:

·   How to practice strong, vinyasa-based yoga without sacrificing detail, awareness, or safety;

·   An in-depth understanding of the techniques, benefits, effects, and variations of all major pose categories;

·   How to break-down, understand, and approach every pose;

·   How sequencing, pace, and attention to detail effects the body and cultivates mindfulness;

·   How to work with resistance, injury and special needs;

·   How to develop a satisfying personal practice that addresses your needs and forms the foundation of your teachings.

Philosophy and History

·   The yoga sutras and a comparative understanding of Yoga, Vedanta, and Buddhism;

·   How ancient philosophical wisdom and modern contemplative practices support the path of transformation;

·   How the philosophical context is inseparable from the asana practice.

Physical and Subtle Body

·   Functional anatomy of the spine, pelvis and shoulders in relation to the yoga practice;

·   The anatomy of breathing;

·   Foundational knowledge of the nervous system;

·   Learning how to observe and identify body types;

·   The subtle body, chakras and Ayuvedic principles;

Teaching Methodology

·   How to create logical, creative, effective sequences;

·   How to structure the beginning, middle and end of classes;

·   How to teach technically and intelligently without sacrificing flow;

·   How to develop your verbal skills and speak clearly, honestly, and comfortably;

·   How to use anatomical imagery to deepen your students’ experience;

·   How to use your hands and your demonstrations to develop your students’ practice;

·   How to work with injuries and special needs;

·   How to work with beginners;

·   How to stave-off burn-out and fatigue by teaching from your personal practice.


The Shine Academy Light 200-hr Manual will be provided as part of the Shine Om Teacher Training Online Platform. Access to the platform will be provided upon acceptance of your application and on receipt of your deposit. Any outstanding payments will result in Online Access being revoked.

The Shine Om Teacher Training Online Resource will be available to you during and after the course has completed, as a reference guide to your on-going Yoga practice.



·         Sri Swami Satchidananda: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

-        Edward Viljoen: Bhagavad Gita For Beginners: The Song of God in Simplified Prose

·         The Upanishads, Easwaran

·         Original Yoga: Rediscovering the Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga

·         Mark Stephens: Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques

·         The Heart of Yoga, Desikachar


·         Sun Power Yoga Shala

·          Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami

·         Buddha’s Brain, Hanson 

·         Anodea Judith: Chakra Balancing Kit

·         Stephanie Pappas: Yoga Postures Adjusting and Assisting

·         Deborah Adele: Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practices

·         Ray Long: Key Poses of Yoga

·         Vedanta: A Simple Introduction, Vrajaprana

·         Light on Yoga, Iyengar

·         Guide to the Body, Biel

·         Yoga Anatomy, Kaminoff

About the Reading

The following texts will provide you with a nice, solid yoga library divided into the classical and more contemporary resources that are good to have on hand. These books represent a broad and balanced perspective on the roots of yoga and related systems of philosophical/spiritual inquiry.

This list of books may be a little overwhelming but, as you look at the homework and list of readings, you’ll see that you are not required to read the books in their entirety. It’s more important that you, and your peers, are able to reference these readings to invoke fruitful discussions during the course of the program. It’s always helpful to read sections of these books from time to time as you grow and develop your skills as a Yoga Teacher. You can, of course, complete one or more books, if you have time during or after the program has completed.

You will be part of a highly practical, supportive and professional environment.

When you leave this training, you will be prepared to teach a foundational class.


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