omline.... keep practicing....

Practice Anytime, Anywhere, home or away! Here is a little piece of Shine Om regular sessions for your own personal practice!

monthly online access


Monthly Access - £8.50

online & full gold member

Monthly Contract £45 Min 6 Months

home practice - 1 day pass

24 Hour Access - Practice At Home

The Shine Omline Experience is powered by the Frutebowl, which is a custom build, user friendly and interactive training platform, created specifically for the end user in mind. For more information on how to provide in house training for your business and customers.... click this link the logo below!


Wanna know more about what Frutebowl can do for you.... click the icons below to view videos that will introduce you to the online training platform from both a user and a creator experience. Click, view, enjoy and join the online learning revolution!